Order Beauty & the Beast Images for $75

For $75 you will have access to all the galleries and images from the rehearsals and the shows. I did not photograph Monday, June 5th's rehearsal and I had to leave after the Insane Asylum number on Tuesday, June 6th. Saturday and Sunday rehearsals were shot from backstage all other rehearsals and all performances were shot at the back of the auditorium.

The Rehearsal Photos are now available, as of September 5th. The Performance Photos will be available soon. You will receive a password to be able to get into the gallery and you will be allowed to download as many images as you want. These will be high res and non-watermarked. You can view all the Rehearsal Photos HERE.

There will be a mixture of color and B&W. Some images will be a panoramic crop because of the number of dancers on the stage, the audience and the lights.

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